Parks in various countries are deserted

Parks in various countries are deserted
Parks in various countries are deserted

Parks in various countries are deserted

Parks in various deserted countries no one ever comes and visits again. Not only in one place, it turns out that there are several countries that have playgrounds that have not been visited for a long time. Playgrounds are a place where many people congregate and seek some tidbits from the gossipy crowd.

Even though the park is often used for gathering people, it can make people there feel at home and want to come to see it. In contrast to other parks, it turns out that rarely anyone comes to play. Surely you don’t believe that in other countries there are playgrounds that have been neglected for a long time.

The following is the name of the park:

Lake Shawnee amusement park

When viewed from the shape of this park has a terrible story. Even so, this park was once a silent witness where children played. It’s just that I don’t know what happened to the Lake Shawnee amusement park, which is starting to be rarely visited anymore. Long enough to make many of the playgrounds filled with humid air and some of the equipment started to rust. Rolexreplica-watches

Six flags new Orleans
The busiest place that has lots of exciting and fun rides. This playground, which is loved by many people, was closed due to a terrible incident. Hurricane Katrina began to hit several areas, one of which was in the Louisiana area. The playground was destroyed by the storm.

Pripyat amusement

Those of you who remember about nuclear explosions know that the area was destroyed over time and lots of things were destroyed. The nuclear strike at Chernobyl turned out to have a big impact on the Pripyat amusement. Lots of rides and several other buildings were destroyed no longer in shape.

Ho thuy tien
Playgrounds that were once popular have now been closed tightly. No one dared to go to the playground in Vietnam. This is because there are some people who say that Ho Thuy Tien Park still has a place where crocodiles live. Afraid of crocodiles roaming around so the playground was closed.