An old park that is still active

An old park that is still active
An old park that is still active

An old park that is still active

An old park that is still active and often visited by many people. Some people think that a garden that has a long life will begin to be forgotten by several new generations. Every generation, of course, will prefer new games to old types of games. The new game looks cool and trending.

Even though it looks old and old, the playground still has lots of memories. Memories that make many children laugh and play with their families. Of course, today’s children also feel together with the people you care about, right?

Now several types of parks still exist, namely:

The grand pier [ Rolexreplica-watches ]
The grand pier was formed since there was a beautiful little harbor. To be able to see the port you have to travel quite a long time. The beautiful harbor turns into a playground. Many did not expect that since the grand pier playground entered the television screen, it would become crowded. Many visit and are curious about the places used by Hollywood actresses in the scene.


Come on, take a moment to have fun playing in Japan. For those of you who have visited, you can stop by at Hanayashiki. In the past, this playground was once the home of animals and a flower garden. A beautiful place showing pretty flowers and sweet animals. After a few years, the place was transformed into a place for children and adults to play. Judging from its age, Hanayashiki is the oldest playground in Japan.

Tivoli gardens

If you want to go there, you must be prepared with sufficient funds. Tivoli Gardens are in the Danish area of the city of Copenhagen. It has a popular playground and is liked by children – children of the Beatles band fans. Some say that this playground became crowded because the Beatles had been there to play.

Grona Lund
In Sweden, it turns out that it has quite an old playground. There are almost many types of rides that are provided along with roller coaster track games. Besides enjoying the game, you can also see super cool sea views.